What To Look For In Emergency Radios

An emergency radio is useful in times of emergencies and when other means of communication cannot be used such as in power outages, during natural disasters such as floods, landslides, avalanches or when one is lost. In some areas the use of a cell phone may fail especially when one is in the mountains or has taken a trip where there is no network and having an emergency radio will enable them to communicate with others.

During camping and hiking trips, people pack survival tools and an emergency radio should be included in that list. One can save their life and the life of others, when they use an emergency radio to call for help. When there is no electricity to charge an emergency radio, one can always use solar panels which are a convenient way of charging an emergency radio.

Using the hand cranking charging method is an easy way to charge an emergency radio because one does not even require the use of batteries or solar power when there is no sun. Some people may prefer a hand cranking radio that will require them to turn the hand crank continuously but others may prefer an emergency radio that transfers power from the battery to the radio. One can also get an emergency radio that has battery charging provisions for an added power source for the radio.

Emergency radios can have AC outlet plug in to use when one is near electricity.

The two most common power sources for emergency radios are hand crank charging and the battery charging method. The best emergency radios will use a combination of four power sources and this includes hand cranking power, batteries, solar charging panels and an AC outlet plug in. People who want to listen to the radio can use their emergency radios for their entertainment needs. Another feature that is included in emergency radios is that one can charge their cell phone and play tunes from their MP3 player using their emergency radio.

Having an LED flashlight that can do an SOS Morse code in an emergency radio can help one during times of trouble. During emergencies one can use an ultrasonic dog whistle which comes in some emergency radios. Always look for an emergency radio that will keep power for a long time and will also have good reception.

One can also shop for an emergency radio that has a USB port and a mini USB charging cable for charging their phone. One can choose an emergency radio that is small or large depending on their preferences. One can be able to take the necessary precautions using the weather alerts they receive from the emergency radio in cases of tornados and hurricanes.

One can get an emergency radio which has features such as water resistance, a compass, a thermometer and good audio quality.

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